At Lift, we believe in giving our patients the information they need to have a comfortable, healthy experience while enjoying the benefits of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis provides many health-giving benefits, but it can have side effects. Below are a few side effects you may experience when you take medical cannabis.

Dry Mouth

Whether you inhale or ingest cannabis, you will likely experience dry mouth at some time or another. Dry mouth after cannabis use can occur in varying degrees of severity, but it can usually be controlled by sipping water before you medicate. If dry mouth has already set in, chewing gum can help promote saliva production.


Some cannabis users experience dizziness. The best way to prevent this is to administer cannabis slowly, keeping the potency and dosage of your product in mind.


Occasionally, cannabis can make users feel anxious. If that happens to you, try to relax, breathe and remember that the effects of the cannabis will wear off within a few hours. High-CBD strains are excellent for alleviating anxiety—contact our bud tenders for more information.

Increased Appetite

Medical cannabis has long been used as a remedy for appetite loss. You can help satisfy your appetite by drinking water or eating healthy foods.

Memory Loss

Many cannabis users experience short-term memory loss that can make it difficult to complete certain tasks. If this happens to you, medicate during times when you will not need to carry out important tasks.