Since medical cannabis became legal in New Mexico, technology has evolved to make administering medicine safer and more efficient. Medical cannabis is of a much higher quality than street cannabis, and master growers like those at Lift work with a variety of genetics to grow plants that are high in health-giving compounds like THC, CBD and CBN. In addition to better growing techniques, medical cannabis is easier to administer thanks to improved technology.


Many people prefer inhaling medical cannabis because of its fast-acting effects. Several different methods of inhalation exist, including smoking and vaporizing cannabis flower and concentrates.


The most common smoking device, hand pipes are small, portable and come in a variety of materials, although most people favor glass. Handpipes work by burning cannabis within the pipe and inhaling the smoke.

Water pipes

Water pipes include bongs and bubblers. The water is designed to cool the smoke within the pipe before it is inhaled.


A vaporizer heats cannabis flower at a temperature high enough to extract THC and CBD, but low enough that the material does not combust. This allows the user to enjoy all of the benefits of cannabinoids while minimizing the health risks associated with smoking.


Medical cannabis may be administered orally, which is often the preferred method for patients with physical pain. Typically, edibles effects last longer compared to inhaling medical cannabis. If you are new to edibles, be cautious and dose slowly.


Cannabis infused edibles are made after cannabis has been carefully heated and infused with a staple ingredient, usually one that is high in fat, such as olive oil or butter. This is then added to chocolate, cookies, hard candy and other products.


Ingestible oils can be added to food or drink, put into capsules or consumed on their own.